Drug Laws

Drug Laws

An Overview of Drug Possession Laws

  • Possession of a Controlled Substance: Drug Possession LawsWhat is a controlled substance? Learn about the penalties for drug possession and the laws in your state.
  • Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaAlong with drug possession charges, possession of drug paraphernalia charges are one of the more commonly charged crimes in any jurisdiction. Read more to understand the legal definition, circumstances and penalties.
  • Felony Drug PossessionPossessing “illegal drugs” may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, a more serious charge. The prosecutor’s choice will depend on the type of drug involved (sometimes, possessing a certain type of drug will automatically lead to felony charges).
  • Cocaine PossessionAn overview on the consequences of being charged for cocaine possession or use, criminal penalties and sentencing that would apply, and how a lawyer may be able to help.
  • Juvenile Drug PossessionA wide range of drugs, chemicals, and medications are controlled and regulated by both state and federal laws.
  • Crystal Meth Possession: Penalties and DefenseMethamphetamine (also known as “crystal meth”) is a highly addictive drug. While methamphetamine may be used legally when obtained with a prescription, it is otherwise considered a “controlled substance,” whose possession, sale, or manufacture is against the law (see 21 U.S.C. § 844(a)). Meth is a particularly dangerous drug, causing many health and safety problems in those who use or manufacture it.
  • Heroin Possession: Charges, Penalties and DefenseHeroin is an extremely addictive drug that is used illegally by many in the United States. It is a synthetic form of morphine, which is derived from the seedpod of a type of poppy plant. In its purest form, heroin…
  • Amphetamine Possession Charge: Penalties, Evidence and DefenseHere’s an overview on the laws, consequences, and possible defenses for possessing amphetamines.
  • Possession of LSD: Defenses and Impact of ConvictionLSD is short for the German chemical name Lysergsäure-diethylamid. LSD is also known as Lysergic acid diethylamide, or ‘acid,’ a psychedelic recreational liquid drug usually ingested by mouth…
  • Possession of RohypnolRohypnol — the “date rape drug” featured in horrific news reports starting in the late 1980s. People at parties or out for drinks at bars later found themselves in a stranger’s home, often naked, and with no memory of how they had gotten there or what had happened to them. Many such incidents
  • Laws on Manufacturing DrugsThe manufacture of any drug, also known as narcotics or controlled substances, is strictly prohibited unless you are properly licensed by state and federal authorities. Drug manufacturing laws are most commonly seen in cases where someone is growing marijuana or making methamphetamine, but can apply in any situation where a controlled substance is involved.
  • Dismissing (or “Sealing”) a Federal Record for Drug PossessionDefendants who possessed small amounts of drugs may be able to have their convictions dismissed.

Drug Sale Laws

  • Drug Trafficking LawsThough many people believe that “drug trafficking” is synonymous with “drug dealing,” the law applies a broader net. Though state laws on drug trafficking differ significantly, all states have laws that punish drug trafficking activity.
  • Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Drug TraffickingEnacted in the 1980’s, the federal sentencing guidelines for drug trafficking impose significant penalties for people convicted of federal drug trafficking crimes. When most people hear the words “drug trafficking,” they imagine drug dealers or international drug smugglers; professional criminals
  • Sale of a Controlled Substance: Drug Sale LawsDrug dealing is a crime not only in every state, but also one punished at the federal level.
  • Selling Prescription Drugs IllegallyFederal law makes it illegal for any person who does not have a license to write prescriptions to sell or give a prescription drug to another person (21 U.S.C. § 841(a)). Licensed health care professionals, such as doctors or pharmacists, cannot knowingly sell or give prescription drugs to someone who does not have either a valid need or valid prescription for the drugs.
  • Selling Oxycontin/Oxycodone: Penalties, Laws, and DefenseThe distribution of narcotics illegally can result in significant prison terms and fines for the offender. In addition, if one is engaged in a sizeable operation of distribution, the penalties…
  • Can I go to jail for selling fake drugs?Question: I sold a baggie of aspirins that I said was OxyContin to a guy at a concert. After the show, I heard that there were undercover officers in the crowd. Could I be busted for selling fake drugs?
  • Distribution of Amphetamines: Criminal Penalties and LawsOnce called “uppers,” amphetamines have been retooled for the demands of the modern world. Some amphetamines are prescribed to treat attention disorders but are used without prescriptions (and illegally) as study aids, athletic performance enhancers, and brain boosters. This “off label” use has

Illegal Substances

  • Ecstasy Laws“Ecstasy,” a drug also known as “E,” is the street name for 3, 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). It also includes substances that have been mixed with MDMA and unknown groups of drugs.
  • Crack vrs. Powder Cocaine: One Drug, Two PenaltiesIn years past, someone convicted of possessing one gram of crack would receive a sentence 100 times longer than someone possessing one gram of powder cocaine. What is the chemical difference between crack cocaine and powder cocaine that justified this disparity? Answer: There is no significant chemical difference—crack and powder cocaine are both forms of cocaine.
  • PCP Possession and PenaltiesIn the waning days of the disco era, “angel dust” made its appearance on the recreational drug menu of some partiers. PCP swiftly gained a notoriety that far outpaced either its popularity or its potency. But it is a potentially dangerous substance, and possessing it exposes a person to very serious

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